Dmitry Solntsev


Born 1966, Vyborg.

Graduated Serov Art college 1985, Leningrad.

In 2000-2002 attended the Theory and History of Art classes at Repin institute of Russian Academy of Arts.

Member of the Artists Union of Russia since 2003.

Since late 1980s works as a graphic designer for printed matters.

At the beginning of 1990s tried himself as a set and costume designer at the Leningrad Region Puppet Theatre.

Since the beginning of 2000s also works for fashion industry: prints, patterns, set designs for shows, related graphic editions.

Daedal interaction of body and space becomes one of the main subjects for Dmitry Solntsev since late 1980s. To depict the dreams and delusions of inter­osculation of bodies and objects the artist often uses compositional loopback, distractive and discursive linear rhythms.

Watercolours, ink, wax crayons, acrylics and gouache on paper and board makes the body of work in 1980-2000s.

Since 2009 Dmitry paints acrylics on canvas.

Since late 1990s produces mini-series of repeated screen prints on painted collages on paper and board.

Lives and works in St. Petersburg.